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Provides fast turnaround
of test results for your
high-volume facility.

PlasmaPrep Info Sheet
PlasmaPrep Supplies

PlasmaPrep Centrifuge for STAT Serum/Plasma separation
PlasmaPrep centrifuge
I really like the 3 minute spin. The quick turn around time is awesome.” —Ray Meyers, VA Medical Center, Martinsburg, West Virginia

PlasmaPrep will accommodate a variety of tube sizes routinely used for drawing 2, 3, 5, 7, and 10mL specimens.

PlasmaPrep™ Centrifuge

Whether in the emergency room, laboratory, the PlasmaPrep™ centrifuge puts fast blood separation at your fingertips, greatly reducing turn-around time. The Platelet Poor Plasma Mode (PPP) provides serum or plasma separations in 2 or 3 minutes. The Platelet Rich Mode (PRP) provides for the development of platelet rich plasma in only 30 seconds.

PlasmaPrep Features

Microprocessor controlled for ease of use

  • Four preprogrammed spin times
    • 30 seconds for Platelet-Rich-Plasma
    • 3 minutes for Platelet-Poor-Plasma
    • 2 minutes for intermediate spins
    • 5 minutes for hard spins

Features ensure quality results fast

  • Rapid processing. Tubes can be processed as they arrive, no need to wait for batches.
  • Accepts 10.25 x 47mm through 16 x 100mm tubes
  • Whisper quiet
  • Heavy-duty, Swiss made motor for industry standard reliability
  • Automatic out-of-balance shut down
  • Fast separation without high-speed risk for COAG or STAT

Features to keep you safe

  • Locking lid with gasket seal
  • Operates only when the lid is locked into position
  • Lid remains locked at all times during rotation
  • Removable rotor for easy cleanup
  • Disposable tube holders keep the centrifuge bowl clean

PlasmaPrep Testing Applications

PPP Mode (2 or 3 Minute Spin) Coagulation: When an anticoagulated specimen is separated for 2 or 3 minutes the resulting high-quality platelet poor plasma may be used for coagulation studies such as: Prothrombin Time Partial Prothrombin Time Thrombin Fibrinogen. Chemistry: Plasma or serum separated by the PlasmaPrep™ centrifuge may also be used for chemistry analyte testing. The use of plasma or serum will depend upon the chemistry procedure employed.

PRP Mode (30 Second Spin) The PlasmaPrep™ centrifuge is designed to remove the red and white blood cells from the plasma in the PRP mode and leave the platelets suspended in the plasma. The resulting platelet rich plasma may then be used for platelet aggregation studies.

Not for use with gel tubes.

Catalog # 100-129

Supplies and Accessories

PlasmaPrep Tube Holders