CLIA waived, high accuracy hematocrit measurement for blood donor screening and after screening

EKF Diagnostics UltraCrit™ device is a point-of-care hematocrit analyzer delivering highly accurate measurements for blood donor screening.

UltraCrit™ is a unique technology, developed in the USA. It is the first and only hematocrit/hemoglobin device to use ultrasound methodology.

Using the highly accurate ultrasound method means blood banks can be confident that they will minimize the number of false deferrals and false accepts.

UltraCrit™ cuvettes use a 40 μl blood sample which is then inserted into the analyzer. Results are displayed within 30 seconds.

Frequently asked questions

The analyzer recognizes when a cuvette is not properly filled, resulting in an error message, not a false reading.

An internal diagnostic test automatically runs each time UltraCrit is turned on.

If liquid controls are required, UltraChek controls are non-biohazardous, non toxic, and require no refrigeration.  The easy to use single-use vials are available in low, normal and high levels.


Key Features

Highly accurate ultrasound technology
Reagent-free microcuvettes
Results within 30 seconds


  • Reduced user subjectivity
  • User friendly features minimize training time
  • Only the first drop of blood needs to be wiped away
  • Large display of results
  • Non-biohazardous, unrefrigerated, single use controls available in low, normal and high levels
  • Ultrasound technology for high accuracy results
  • Precision: <0.8% CV at 41% Hct
  • Accuracy: <0.4% Hct (for readout in 10ths)
  • Linearity: 10.3 – 72.0% Hct (3.2 – 24.5 g/dL Hb)
  • Results within 30 seconds
  • Two year warranty
  • Powered by wall power, integrated rechargeable lithium battery, or AA batteries
  • Small, lightweight
  • USB 2.0 connection
  • 40 µl sample size from capillary or venous sample
  • Cuvettes contain no chemicals, have 15 month shelf life, and are not affected by humidity
  • Operating ambient temperature 10 – 40˚C (50 – 104˚F)
  • Storage temperature 0˚C – 30˚C (32˚F – 86˚F)

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